We specialize in designing with Brookhaven and Wood-Mode cabinetry.


Cabinetry produced by Wood-Mode, Inc. can be considered true custom cabinetry. Each cabinet is custom made to fit the exact dimensions of your space.

In addition to Wood-Mode’s precise construction is the unsurpassed quality achieved during manufacturing. Wood-Mode selects and seasons their own woods then using advanced technology, they are able control manufacturing tolerances.

One aspect that cannot be duplicated is Wood-Mode’s exclusive hand rubbed finish. This multi-step process creates a fine furniture-quality finish unmatched for richness, smoothness, durability, and an exceptional scratch and scuff resistance.

For these reasons, Wood-Mode has been recognized for delivering superior quality, beauty, and durability for over fifty years. Their (and our) confidence in their product and the people who build it allows us to offer you the ultimate assurance: a Lifetime Limited Warranty.


The versatility of built-to-order cabinetry. The superb quality of fine craftsmanship. Together, they make Brookhaven the outstanding value in kitchen cabinetry.

Cabinetry designed to be well-used and well-loved, year after year. Cabinetry built to look as good “down the road” as it does today. Why should you choose Brookhaven over other kinds of cabinetry? Simple: it’s made by Wood-Mode, Inc.

That means it’s backed by almost 60 years of woodworking expertise, and manufactured to extremely demanding standards using the most modern technology.